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Thread: Hiccup / stutter / misfire / intake backfire

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    Huge thank you to lowkey for helping me for hours. The bike has fuel, air, spark, and compression. The only thing left is timing. The static timing on the bike has been set and re-checked several times. Last night I checked a log of the bike cranking over. The spark1 and spark2 values were at 0. On an old log when it was running, those values were 151 and 152 during cranking. PW1 and PW2 are much higher than before as well. 7-15 now, 3-6 when it was running. Anybody know why it wouldn't be adjusting it at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by moose09876 View Post
    Anybody know why it wouldn't be adjusting it at all?
    It is registering 0 because you haven't entered an idle state yet if this box "idle ignition timing adj. enable" is on the last ECM-config tab in ECMSpy. My guess is it needs to be over 800RPM as this is the lowest point in the fuel/timing tables. (your log has RPM around 400)
    EDIT:Forgot I got rid of the 0RPM and 8000RPM columns but your maps still have them. Not 100% sure when the ECM takes over when checked.
    ECMSpy ignition timing adjust at idle.jpg

    If the above box is not checked it will idle off the timing table which is 0 degrees in the idle region. (which is fine, I currently have it not checked and have 0 degrees registering in the log as well.)
    ECMSpy idle ignition table.jpg

    Here is a screen grab of your log if anyone wants to take a look.
    Mike's no start log.jpg

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