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Thread: Rear rack options, whats available?

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    Rear rack options, whats available?

    So I'm looking at the SW-Motech rack mostly, it looks from the pictures that the beaver tail can swing back over it. Is this correct?

    Happy Trails, a company I despise, makes a decentlly cheap one but requires the removal of the beavertail and grab handles. I like the beavertail and have a custom bag that slips over it.

    I do not like the HB one, the loop is in the way of mounting larger items.

    What am I missing? I see Touratech makes side racks, do they make a top rack?

    I have the SW-Motech\Fehling side rack at the moment.

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    I drilled two holes in the beaver tail and attached a Givi mounting plate so I could attach a Givi top case
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    Nice bike, looks good but, the beaver tail is not designed to hold very much weight, not to mention the up and down vibration your going to get which might destroy your beaver tail, keep an eye on it.

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