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Thread: I need help finding or rebuilding my rear shock

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    I need help finding or rebuilding my rear shock

    Does anyone know where I can find a new/good used rear shock for my 99 X1? Mine is super blown and I either need a replacement or need to rebuild it.
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    I just purchased a NOS 14" recall shock kit for a S3 from Ebay for $300.00 USD + shipping. I have been struggling with rebuilding the factory 16" showa, a penske or a Twin motorcycle's shock. I understand that a NOS showa will probably last a couple of years, hopefully 10,000KMS. It was the same price I suspect of rebuilding the 16" factory showa, that has the thin shock eye that can fail, possibly causing serious injury. The Penske is $1,000 + shipping and the Twin Motorcycle's shock is $700 plus shipping from The Netherlands. There was three or four part numbers for the showa factory recall shock kit. This one was listed for the 97/98 S3/S3T. It is the 14" shock with the thicker shock eye, with the newer front shock bracket. I suspect the difference in shock kits is a different spring rate. I suspect the factory uses a spring rage for a 190lbs rider, I'm 250lbs so I "hope" the S3/S3T spring rate is for a heavier bike and will be a better mach for me. The existing 16" shock is a total pogo stick. There is oil residue, not a drop, so I suspect it blew out on the previous owner.

    Has anyone tried to rebuild the factory showa. I have no problem removing the remote resevoir, filling it with oil and replacing a couple of seals, if I can get it apart without killing my self.

    I have a Works Performance shock on my S3 that probably needs a rebuild. I think It would be worth the money to rebuild. Unfortunately Works Performance went out of business a little while ago so I'm hoping a local shop can rebuild it. Both the X1 (16" showa) and the S3 (WP) pogo like crazy. After I jacked up the preload on the S3, it seemed to handle better. I have never been one to mess with suspension, being 250lbs, maybe I should look into rebuilding my forks and shocks with a more suitable springs.

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    Im sure race tech can help you out too if you give them a call.

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    XXX rated Race suspension, Springwood QLD.
    I've had him rebuild my older white power shock and also add a longer hose to it so its not sitting right next to the exhaust. He also rebuilt and resprung my mates Showa shock for his S3. Both done in the last 12 months.
    His prices are very good for the work he needs to do. Also he has the internal spares for them now. He had to get quite a few when I had him do these ones.
    World of difference with a new spring and his tricking the internals.

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    Racetech will more than likely rebuild it for you, if not I've heard very good things about the replacement shock options from Twin Motorcycles in the Netherlands. I have their Stainless headers, great quality and didn't take super long to get it from there.

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