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Thread: RT3 installed !! LOUD!

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    RT3 installed !! LOUD!

    Got the RT3 and matching ECM installed and it is much louder than I thought it would be, but I absolutely love it! I tried the TPS reset with the throttle, but Im thinking I need to get the cable/program and do it that way -- The bike cut off on me a couple times today...

    As for the exhaust... Any recommendations on good noise canceling ear buds?! or is foamies the way to go.. Also I wanted to get a Sena bluetooth system for my helmet, but now with the need of ear pro, Im not sure it will work.. Thoughts??

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    Great , show us some pics , please

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    Turn on the key, turn on the run switch, do not start the bike. Open the throttle fully and close it three times pausing very briefly. Turn off the key.

    That is a TPS re-set on any Buell '08 or newer.

    I've had the RT-3 on my CR and it was the best sounding exhaust but also the loudest. I use the Sena 20s and a good helmet but adding more noise to overpower the exhaust was dumb.

    2 solutions I found very helpful:

    1) Silicone earplugs. Cheap, easy, and VERY effective. MUCH more so than the foamy ones that fall out every time I put on my helmet. Find them at any drug store, they look like clear Jujubees Read the instructions to make sure they seal completely! You'll never go back to the foam ones.

    2) If you still want to enjoy helmet comms, GPS, Pandora, etc, get some Shure 215 earbuds. They plug right into the Sena. They're super low profile, have foam so they are great to muffle ambient noise and the wrap around the top of your ear so they stay on when you put on or take off your tight helmet. I've hear a wives tale that "OMG your ears will fall off in a crash!!!" But rest assured, the cord unplugs from each bud independently as well.

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    Post a video, I can't hear pictures. LOL

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    I would recommend the Etymotic Research HD earplugs. I've used them for close to a decade and find them invaluable... I love my loud exhausts and I love my ears too.

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    Foam ear plugs work fine, they're typically a 30 db noise reduction (assuming you insert them into your ear correctly) and you can still hear the Sena just fine, I've been using that exact setup for years. Had to replace my last Sena 20s due to it falling apart, got lucky and scored another new one for about $150 last year. 90 mph on the highway and people have no idea that I'm even on a bike (with a loud exhaust) or doing that speed. Above that and the wind noise will cut in and out occasionally.

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