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Don't do it! Friend of mine had a computer malfunction, locked up the suspension to full rigid, as well as lost his linked anti-lock brakes. This was a major factor in his crash, which totaled the bike and injured him severely. This was last year on his brand new 2017 Tiger Explorer, that he received after his 2013 Tiger Explorer engine blew up. I would Not recommend a Triumph after what my friend went through, and the support he received from Triumph on his brand new bike. I do like the way the Triumph's look , ride, and the engines performance. I own a 2007 Tiger which was the first year for a 1050 Tiger, Great bike except all Tigers that year had cast pistons notorious for cracking and some believe it is caused by ethanol fuel with the factory fuel map? I can pick up my Tiger or Buell by myself after falling off and having a good charlie horse on one of my legs, they both weigh about 450lbs. The 07 Tiger 1050 is in the top 5 fastest produced adventure bikes, better riders than me on it, or on a 1200 Tiger have not been able to drop me while I am on my Uly.
thats crazy terrifying! i was thinking i'd read you could option the tiger without the electro suspension still, but maybe that was an older model... I have no desire to be able to have the computer run my suspension... everything i need to adjust eh Uly's suspension fits neatly under my seat just like a ecm LOL. (i have an STT rear shock so I've got to use the spanner) Thank you as well for the words of warning.

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I have one, 2013, 1215cc, great bike but not for going off road, I'd rather have John's bike for that or my Buell. It's fast, way faster than the Ulysses. Very intricate engine, lots of moving parts, top heavy but it disappears once your moving, if you drop it, hope someone is around to help you pick it up. It's one hundred pounds heavier partly because EOF the engine but mostly because of the drive shaft. Routine maintenance is pretty easy and far between having doing it.
Thanks for the forum link I'll have to do some lurking over there. I think i could handle the weight OK as long as i had the bike low enough and being faster than my Uly sounds NICE !

My desire is to get a bike for gravel roads, dirt roads, farm drives, the kind of stuff that most bikes can handle pretty easily. I'm not planning on anything really dirt bike oriented. I'm in no rush to jump into another bike anyway so plenty of time to research. I think i will try and ride a Zuki and (just because I'm curious) the Triumph this summer. and like you said NJloco, there's always the Ulysses.