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Thread: What are the parts most likely to go bad first?

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    I always try to keep spare throttle cables, and clutch cable, belt wouldnt hurt, but like everyone else said, pretty reliable, easy to get parts.

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    Pegs and plastics. Really not much. Buell specific items. Thins that you happen upon and can pick up cheaply are always good. When a piece of retread took out the windshield on my firebolt, i was glad i had an extra i came across at a swap meet for $5

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    Soooo....8 months after starting this thread I've changed:
    1. Rocker box gaskets (oily rear cylinder and fan)
    2. Voltage regulator (Burned through 3 headlights bulbs in 3 months)
    3. Fork seals (Dust seals cracking. Also because a fork service was never done)
    4. Neutral switch (Stops working after bike warms up)
    5. Steering Bearings. All Balls. Steering felt okay, but I decided to inspect the bearings anyway since my brother (previous owner) said he never inspected or replaced them. Removed the triple tree and rotated the bearings with fingers. Sounds like it's loaded with sand! It lasted for 24k miles. Time to put it to rest.
    6. Front and rear wheel bearings. All Balls. (looked okay, but binding when spun with fingers.)

    So far, pretty solid bike after inheriting with 21k miles. Put about 3k on in 8 months.

    One recommendation I'd make for new Buellers (or clueless vets) is to make a support box for the muffler jack points. Especially if you use rear jack stands with the paddles. I found that the paddles would slip forward about a 1/4" when I'd lift the front end.

    Back in the saddle again

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