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Thread: XB12 accessories 4 sale:levers,touring seat,flyscreen,Rizoma parts,HID light, & more!

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    Cool XB12 accessories 4 sale:levers,touring seat,flyscreen,Rizoma parts,HID light, & more!

    Riders of the Buell! These parts taken off a 2010 Buell XB12Ss Lightning Long or New in the box, never used. You know what they fit...Prices marked below, let's make a deal!

    The Zero Gravity Flyscreen is the extended "touring" version and has been fitted to the bike once. The lights are new in the box. The HID kit is meant for the low beam and the halogen bulb is meant for high. There are some nice write ups on this site for doing the mod, I just never got to it.

    The touring saddle is really nice and scooped out a bit more than stock and has some nice detail on the covering.

    The tank bag is not magnetic, it has straps and fits nicely on the bike. The side bags are same brand.

    The small cover is slightly used and in good shape, the full cover was only used the cover the bike in the garage, it has never seen weather, like new.

    The K&N air filter (cleanable & resuable) also new in the box as are the decals. They are the old style kind that are "puffy" with two tone colors; black has a slash of grey through it, the red has a tone on tone red slash. These are not just "stickers" that are flat. They are detailed and look good!

    The CRG levers are in great shape, put 'em on and in a day you'll never know they were on another bike. Also, very nice upgrade to stock levers on the Buell, pull and feel way better, I was amazed. You can see them installed in the pic attached.

    The Rizoma parts are really nice billet Aluminum. The pulley cover really makes the bike look sophisticated compared to plastic stock. I've put a picture up. The plexiglass has some small cracks around the small screws from where I took it apart to clean it one time and put them on with too much pressure (it really didn't take much, have to only finger tight with thread locker) but nothing is compromised security wise in terms of the plexiglass falling off the cover. I don't notice them once I'm two feet away. The belt guard looks great on the bike. See the pic.

    The temp parts of the two Oil dipsticks don't work, but still look cool. The aluminum knurled part is cool even if the temp gauge is inop. I think you could put any kind of temp gauge from a kitchen store in it and it would work as long as the scale was proper. I think the vibes from the bike just kill the springs in the gauge.

    The air scoops are unfinished and look used. I bought them used and never finished or installed them. A little stripper, sanding and paint would finish them off nicely. They are a pricy part and hard to find. Once installed, they "sleek" up the bike in my opinion.

    Pit Bull stands, front and rear. The pin is for the Buell XB, but I'm sure fits others. See the pic for the model # of the pin. The rear stand has roller pads and would pick up a variety of other bikes I'm sure.

    Pics below. check 'em out. (*edit - looks like only 5 photos per post...I'll get the others posted up so you can see what you are buying)

    All else speaks for itself, or send me a line and I'll be happy to answer questions. I'll be keeping an eye on the post as well. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Strawberry Buell.jpg

    • Buell Touring Seat - $185
    • Rizoma pully cover - $140
    • Rizoma lower belt guard - $45
    • CRG billet aluminum Clutch and brake levers $150
    • GRP Air scoops - $200
    • HID H7 4300K head light kit with PIAA halogen light for high and low beams $100
    • Pit Bull front and rear stands - $200
    • Zero Gravity extended fly screen - $50
    • K&N air filter (NIB) - $20
    • BUELL “puffy” tank decals – two sets (one black/grey, one red/grey) - $45 each
    • ASB/Dark Horse Moto knurled aluminum oil temp dipstick (temp gauge-inop) $45
    • Service Manual - $40
    • Nelson Rigg – rain fly cover $15
    • Full motorcycle cover Classic Motogear extreme- $40
    • Buell Tail bag - sold
    • Rapid Transit Tank bag (strap not magnetic) - $50
    • Rapid Transit saddle bags - $100

    Rizoma pully cover1.jpg Rizoma pulley cover2.jpgRizoma belt guard1.jpgRizoma belt guard2.jpg
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    Mods, I should've posted this in Parts for sale...sorry about that. I tried to modify and move it for you, but don't see options for that...please move if necessary. Thank you for your support in fixing and understanding of my mistake. Sincerely, TK

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    I'm interested in a couple parts, do you have a email that I can message you at. My pm box if full and I can't send messages.

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    I do but I'm not comfortable putting it out there for the you want to post your address and I'll send you message there?

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