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Thread: High performance intake manifold flanges for 2008-2010 Buell XB

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    High performance intake manifold flanges for 2008-2010 Buell XB

    I was tired struggling with crappy Buell engine unsuccessfully trying to seal the throttle body to cylinder head interface. So I decided to try different way and to design my own intake manifold flanges. This idea was inspired by this product designed and successfully tested by Twin Motorcycles. But the issue is those flanges are for old Buell XB and do not fit the new 2008-2010 Buell XB and there is no similar product on the market for newer Buell XB. And so on here my project has started.

    The main problem here is how to improve the sealing interface between manifold intake and cylinder head when you have very limited space around those sealing area. The guys from Twin Motorcycled decided to use two o-rings instead of one thick sealing ring, so you can make the flange slightly thicker and wider and increase rigidity of the flange. This design also allows to separate lateral force to clamp the seal to the cylinder head face from the force to squeeze the seal around the manifold intake tube so you need less force to seal the flange and as result there is less flange deformation.

    I carefully measured the throttle body and cylinder head intake area and created CAD model. Then I figured out that I can slightly increase the flange thickness and make it slightly wider and also optimize the flange structure with more available space using o-rings.

    Here is the new flange

    Here is section view of original flange vs new flange

    Another thing I decided to improve is material. It seems to me the original flange metal is not stiff enough. So I decided to make the new flanges out of strongest aerospace grade 17-4 PH stainless steel.

    Here is the flange drawing

    And here are my hight performance flanges

    O-ring material is Viton with hardness 75A. I ordered them on McMaster. O-rings set for both flanges costs less than one set of James Gaskets intake manifold seals.

    Here are installed o-rings

    Flanges work fine right after first installation, no leakage at all. Installation process is significantly easier than installation of original flanges and gaskets. Later I will have more feedback after more miles on them.

    High performance flange CAD model and drawing you can download here and build your own parts

    I recommend you to use 17-4 PH stainless steel for the flanges.

    Standard size Viton gaskets you can buy on McMAster. You need two sizes o-ring for tube seal and for flange seal:
    -Chemical-Resistant Viton« Fluoroelastomer O-Ring Super-Resilient, 3/32 Fractional Width, Dash No.135
    -Chemical-Resistant Viton« Fluoroelastomer O-Ring Super-Resilient, 3/32 Fractional Width, Dash No.133

    I replaced the original flanges bolts by another longer bolts (since the flanges are thicker than original flanges) with flanges for better load distribution (Hex Head Screw, Flanged, 5/16"-18 Thread Size, 7/8" Long ).
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    Some nice work there, wish I had your skills

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    i'm having cream of wheat for breakfast this morning. added just a hint of maple syrup, honey and a few raisins for added flavor and texture. pics forthcoming.

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    Coffee and donuts for me. I over slept and was running out the door. Was a brisk 27 degrees this morning in Maryland.

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    Protein bar and a large coffee... I wish i had your breakfast skills John! Warm here this morning 42.

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    I don't do coffee. Not even when I worked night shifts. I just never started with it, so I just don't drink it. Many people tell me it helps them take a poop in the morning, but I do not have problems pooping.

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    We have the day off, might talk the GF into a ride to breakfast and have some biscuits and gravy.

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    White Russian for me this morning, oh by the way did you know...The recipe is actually quite simple, it’s made with vodka, coffee liqueur and cream, served with ice in a low and wide glass. You need a quality coffee liqueur, ie Kahl˙a or Tia Maria. This drink is not for those on a diet though, it’s supposed to be sweet, rich and just delicious.
    White Russian.jpg
    Here’s what you need:
    ◾2 parts quality vodka
    ◾1 part coffee liqueur
    ◾1 part lightly whipped cream

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    I am having my first cup of high performance coffee over here on the west coast. I will test this stuff and see how it actually performs because Today is trash day. It is time to take out the trash.
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    Unfortunately I think this guy could really, come up with the cats meow at this point and, nobody would notice but, still, nice work !

    Now to educate everyone, everytime you eat, you age, everytime you drink coffee, you age faster ! But man oh man, I love coffee, it's just not fair !
    First thing in the morning, glass of water with half of a lemon (organic naturally)
    Twenty minutes or so later, a greeny, then maybe coffee and a oatmeal scone, no sugar, all organic, naturally!
    Big lunch ( naturally all organic) no food until next morning, most of you whoosies couldn't handel it !

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