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Thread: Clutch cable reinstallation into primary cover

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    Clutch cable reinstallation into primary cover

    I had to replace my primary cover after I wrecked on my '08 XB12Ss and therefore had to remove the clutch cable from the cover. I did not fully remove it from the bike, but I'm thinking that this might be necessary in order to reinstall back into the new primary? Basically, I can't get the threads started reliably because the bend in the cable makes rotating the housing end difficult. Can anyone confirm that I have to fully remove the cable from its routing in the front of the bike and the clutch lever? Thanks!

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    Removing the cable does make it a lot easier. Anything you can do to make it easier will minimize the chance of breaking off the threads from the clutch cable end.

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    Your best bet is to remove from lever because the threaded end you are talking about is fragile and will break if not lined up right. This way you don't waste your money.

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