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Thread: 07 XB12SS Build

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPEHAK View Post
    Looks cool. Does it have two colors? Does it indicate turn signal and stop signal?

    If it is one color LED strip you probably need controller to realize turn signal on it and combine it with stop signal and tail light.
    It has a few Amber LEDs on either side of the strip which I wired up as the turn signals, works perfectly! I'll snap some pics of it tonight.

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    Painted the frame rails!


    STILL waiting on my dang clip ons to show up so I can get back to work on the front end. Checked the tracking # the other day and realized they have been sitting at a sorting facility in Chicago for a week now.. filed a claim with USPS, sounds like they got misplaced...

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    Slick! Nicely done!

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    nice work

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    Thanks! Got a notification from USPS that my Clip ons are FINALLY here in Kansas City after sitting in customs for almost 3 weeks... Thursday is my next free evening so I will hopefully start mocking them up then. We actually have 60 degree weather here this week, so I'm dying to fire the bike up!

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    Ok clip ons finally showed up this week and I found a couple hours to start mocking things up. Took the top triple off and got the clip ons on and controls adjusted to roughly where I want them (will fine tune that a little later). Then put the headlight back on for a mock up. The throttle cables especially are WAY too long, so I'm getting some used Firebolt ones. Clutch cable I think I can make work. And I'm going to get a brake line with a straight fitting instead of that angled one that makes the line stick out.

    Unfortunately my plan to save money and use the stock ignition/steering lock setup won't work, so I am mostly likely going RFID.

    Anyways, here's the pics, let me know what you think!




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    Be careful painting the frame rails. You dont want to put paint between the ground wires and the metal on the rail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregoXB View Post
    Be careful painting the frame rails. You dont want to put paint between the ground wires and the metal on the rail.
    Yep, I used a little wire head on the dremel to clean up the bolt holes that had ground contacts, everything seems to work good!

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    Just ordered a cheap RFID setup from Ebay to play around with, will update once it's wired up. I haven't fully decided how I want to run it. I'd like to have it so I can just swipe my tag over the reciever and give the bike power, but not be at risk to accidentally swipe it while riding and turn it off.

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    The RFID shouldn't be used for energizing the ignition for that exact reason.

    The RFID part should only activate (unlock) the starter button, (I added a light to tell me if it was unlocked)

    Pressing the stock starter button will now either just cycle the ignition on and off, or energize the ignition and crank the bike at the same time (if you have the brake lever or clutch lever pulled, your choice). Now with the bike running, pressing the starter button again will kill the ignition. Slick! You can walk away from it running because the RFID doesn't control the ignition, it just unlocks the starter button. Exactly the way a new 'keyless' car works. Key in pocket, foot on brake, press start button. Press start button again to stop.

    FYI, these bikes take a lot of CCA, so don't use the tiny relay in the cheap RFID box to crank the starter. Use it to energize the stock starter relay instead

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