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Thread: 1190sx cg

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    1190sx cg


    I saw these on ebay. Do you think EBR was planning an 1190SXCG model?

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    Yeah I read that it was going to be the Black Lightening bike but in other colors.

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    There is only one real EBR Black Lightning in the world and one fake EBR Black Lightning. If real EBR 1190SXcg exists I would like to buy it, but only if it is really real EBR 1190SXcg and if there is only one or just a few of them in the world. I want to be the only person in the world who owns EBR 1190SXcg.
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    Technically the one "fake" Black Lightning is still for all intents and purposes a real Black Lightning, as it was built with OEM parts by the factory as an OEM bike. It is just titled as a 2015 1190SX. Still a significant and interesting history to it. The "real" one will likely never go for sale in our lifetime as it is owned by Bill Melvin (I don't remember if Jr or Sr). But yes, the SXCG was going to be the same bike as the black Lightning but in different colors. Too bad it never came to be. There were never any produced either. On a different note, people wanting to powdercoat or paint the aluminum trim on their SX radiator shrouds can now have a different accent color for the "SX" lettering if they want, by buying these and cutting the "CG" portion out of the decal. And if anyone didn't know (it's come up before) the silver colored radiator shroud trim panel on the SX is bead blasted, clear anodized aluminum, as are the exhaust trim panels. They are heavily adhered to the plastic trim but I got mine off and they are getting powdercoated now.

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