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Thread: Xb9sXBUELLXb9sX's - 2000 Buell X1 Lightning Build Thread

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    But, nothing can ever be that simple...

    Without the bracket installed, the throttle body rotated downward quite a bit. To installed the intake bracket, I had to rotate it back up. When I started it back up and went for a ride, it was blatantly obvious the the install broke the seal on the intake seals. So I had to take off the entire intake...

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    I figured since I was removing the entire intake track, I'd replace all the seals and even purchased a new fuel rail. This included new james gaskets "blue" intake seals, air cleaner gaskets, manifold and throttle body seals, and injector o-rings. Basically every seal/o-ring between the air filter and the heads. Even replaced the fuel line and fuel filter

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    But of course, it still can't be that easy...

    When I removed the intake manifold, I noticed a lot of epoxy and J-B weld. That kind of stuff really bothers me so I removed some of it to inspect the manifold. I discovered a large crack on the throttle body side, going all the way through the manifold.

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    I ended up finding a decent intake manifold on eBay to replace the cracked manifold. Has a couple small dents on the injector inlets, but they are purely cosmetic and do not effect the seals on the injectors.

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    With basically a brand new intake track, I put everything back together. Ran great, even better than before!

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    And ever since I've had the bike, I hated how the head breathers were routed. The setup caused a small amount of oil, overtime, to drip through the filter and onto the engine/exhaust. So I added a catch can.

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    Surfing old threads. Bike looks great. Any new news?

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    catch can looks awesome!

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    Great job Looks like a really nice X-1! and you have all the worms back in the can now...Haha

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    Pretty nice clean up job on that X1, cool catch can install

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