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Thread: Xb9sXBUELLXb9sX's - 2000 Buell X1 Lightning Build Thread

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    Xb9sXBUELLXb9sX's - 2000 Buell X1 Lightning Build Thread

    Well, after trading in my Buell XB9SX three years ago and regretting it... I finally picked up another Buell. I ended up trading in my 2015 Yamaha WR250f straight across for a 2000 Buell X1 Lightning with 3000 original miles!!! After reading through the BuellXB and X1files sites, I decided to begin going through the bike, updating and upgrading along the way. First off, the bike when I picked it up.

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    Congrats on the new ride!!

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    Being that I love Buells for their "Around Engine" design, I had to remove the left cowl and lower cowl. Just to showcase that sportster engine.

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    My first concern through my research was the primary chain tensioner recall. Apparently the original tensioner will fail, taking out most the the primary and transmission, and that not something I want to risk. I also noticed the exhaust mounts were not updated so I figured the tensioner was not upgraded either. The clutch cable casing was also dry-rotted, so I figured I replace it during the upgrade.

    First I purchased the upgraded tensioner from Hammer Performance, Motion Pro Clutch cable and a new primary gasket set.

    And my assumption was correct...

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    Through cleaning the primary cover, I noticed the primary chain wasn't tensioned properly at some point throughout its life. Luckily the damage isn't bad and the cover appears structurally sound.

    The internals appeared to be in good shape.

    Installed the new tensioner, Amsoil 20W-50 primary fluid, clutch cable and sealed her up.

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    Next task was to update the exhaust mounts. This task was two-fold. The old style mounts are prone to cause exhaust bracket failure, and the Vance and Hines SSR2 exhaust is known to rattle itself apart... Which was obvious when I disassembled the exhaust...

    Noticed there was a crack in the elbow caused by the old style mounts

    When this happens, it puts undo stress on the header, causing the header itself to crack... A common area is near the rear cylinder O2 Port.

    So its off to be welded and repaired.

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    Lucky the header came off easily, without a broken exhaust stud. And the studs came out easily with some Aero Kroil.

    ***Seriously, If you ever have to remove the header nuts or studs (or any rusty/old fastners), spray them with Aero Kroil a couple times throughout the day before removal. When I removed them, they almost didn't feel tight...***

    Proof they came out in one peice. Rusty and All.

    Removed the exhaust gaskets and cleaned up the ports.

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    While I'm waiting on parts for the exhaust, I upgraded the pegs.



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    Good looking bike. Congrats on a good find.

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    You are so right about the Aero-kroil

    I'd never spent time on a tuber before, but I rode about 2800 miles this summer all over the NW from S Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, Canada, Oregon... On an M2 with a 1250 kit, 6-speed, Carb upgrade, and XB wheels, brakes, and front suspension swap. WOW, that bike really impressed me. They just do everything so well and comfortably

    Someone replaced your beer in the garage with a water!?!? Oh NOOOOO!!!!

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