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Thread: Xb9sXBUELLXb9sX's - 2000 Buell X1 Lightning Build Thread

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    Next, I replaced the old front exhaust mount with the updated wishbone style mount. Much Beefier!!!

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    Even replaced the old Z-Bracket!

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    And I got bored, so I decided to polish up the headers a bit. Not bad 18 years of tarnish and an hours worth of work.

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    They look New again!

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    Forgot to mention that the steel oil pump gear is known to fail. Both of my X1 now have the bronze oil pump gear in them. No rush for you to do it now, but sometime down the road.

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    Looking good, waiting on the next update pics...

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    Looks like Dean was alluding to something...

    Well, I finally picked out an exhaust and decided to go with the best! I ordered a Dean Adams Designs Tuber exhaust.

    This thing is very well built, looks great and sounds even better. A little on the louder side, but that isn't a bad thing, one bit. Fit was great, much better then most exhaust systems I've installed. Dean is an outstanding guy btw. He called to confirm my order, gave me updates on the construction [with pictures], and even called me to make sure everything installed smoothly. Would definitely recommend his stuff to anyone.

    During the install, I did find that when the header was welded up, it did warped a bit. Didn't notice at first and kinda crushed/messed up the front exhaust gasket. I smoothed it out a bit and it seemed to have sealed nicely. Passed the soapy water test anyways. On to the pictures.

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    Here's how she sits for now. I've updated everything that needed to be fixed immediately, and she's back on the road. Needs a couple more small updates such as the oil pump gear and a new rear shock, but I'll be waiting a bit before I tackle these items. I have big plans for this bike, but I want to spend some time riding and enjoying it first. Will be giving any and all updates to this bike as I complete them.

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    I like it. Nice bike.

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    Thought I'd jump back on here and give an update. I was cleaning the X1 a while ago, and noticed that when the previous owner installed the forcewinder intake, they removed the intake bracket. So I purchased a replacement to install.

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