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Thread: Time for a new belt: '08 XB12Ss

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunaticfringe View Post
    i'd stock up on one greg and squeeze more miles out of your original. from the looks of it is is NOT going to suddenly tear and leave you stranded but probably at the 30K mark i'd throw on one. with the "bridged" swingarm its a very easy evening project. can give you quick cheater steps when the time comes.
    Thanks Lunatic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TPEHAK View Post
    Chain conversion will cost you less than new belt and will last longer.
    Once again don't feed the troll!!!! It spits out a lot of crap!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregoXB View Post
    Thanks Lunatic.
    my pleasure greg. the BDL replacement belt excellent and quite a bit less $ than OEM. something to consider. the Ss belt specs are:
    1-1/8 - width
    14-MM- pitch
    135T- tooth count

    last i checked the BDL was $142 and the OEM $188

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    $188 for the belt for 25000 miles -holy cow! How about $70 for premium quality Japanese X-ring chain for 50000-70000 miles?

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    I would go with OEM.

    $150 @ New Castle

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    Belt ^^^^^^ Years of maintenance free fun.

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