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Thread: Considering a Few Mods/Upgrades - Any Advice?

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    I installed some carbon frame covers on my XB to cover up some frame damage and one of the nice things about that is that it's definitely reduced the heat I feel on my leg.

    I was looking up carbon frame covers for the 1125, but they are ridiculously expensive.

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    I put the United Pacific strobe module on my Triumph and it didn't work there either so returned it. Bought two different ones from and worked with no problems.

    The cheaper one is $5 and install is just cutting your brake light wire and spicing the box into the circuit while also splicing the box into your ground. Works great. Flash fast, then slow, then solid on.

    The other one is $6 on clearance. It is internally grounded so only two splices, no ground necessary. It's fairly heavy duty but I like the cheaper one better as this one just sort of flutters the brake light.

    It's a bit of a pain to get at the brake light wiring. Unplug it from the lamp and there's ample room to work the first time you do it. Since I ended up doing it three times the wiring was getting a little tight.

    Used one on the 1125 and the other on the Trumpet. Cheap safety for around $15 with postage and 10 minutes work.

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    How difficult to wire up the 2010 led tail on an 08?

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    on a scale from 1 to 10 , a 1.5 very easy.

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    I installed that tail light too, excellent! These signal bulbs and LED flasher was HIGH on my list of first mods and very satisfying... ENJOY!

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    I don’t think the R or CR have the white connector that the later XB’s did.

    Regardless, it’s still easy.

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    I don't know how extensive of a mod you have in mind, but...

    If you have the means, I HIGHLY suggest the CR swingarm conversion. My 1125R has a 1125CR swingarm. This has allowed me to run the 1125CR sprockets (need the swingarm for clearance). I also have the Barker exhaust and race ECM. The bike is an absolute monster now. A friend of mine has a 1125R with an exhaust and ECM. His wasn't tuned on a dyno, however, I don't think that part makes the largest of differences. While I will obviously have a reduced top speed, at VIR that's not really a thing to be concerned about. The drive I get out of corners is completely brutal in comparison to his.

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