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Thread: Photo challenge!!! What happened!!

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    Lightbulb Photo challenge!!! What happened!!

    So I havenít been on here in a few years but back inthe day we used to have a photo challenge that was fun. Everyone participated pretty actively and as long as it didnít cause any harm or wasnít anything to illegal everyone had a good time. I tried to look and see if there is anything like that here and couldnít find a thing since 2014. Does this exist? Should one be restarted for the coming months. The challenges used to go for about 3 months and at the end whoever won the last one had to supply a prize for the next one. It used to be like a gift card or some sort of part.

    If anyone is intersted or knows anything it would be awesome to hear about it!!

    Ride safe!!


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    Crawling up your skirt

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    Here is my Green eyed devil

    Best yet_911 by Jack Joseph, on Flickr

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    Good news!!!

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    I found my old account finally but cant change any of my info becuase this account is not activated yet. hopefully i can just delete this one and start using the other again with this email. gotta get 3 posts apparently first so here is the 3rd. haha

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    You can't start a pic competition in December, most of the country can't or won't participate due to the weather. I used to ride all year and wouldn't think twice about it but, not anymore due to the accident. With all this said, it's going into the 70's in the next couple of days and this is still February ! I love global warming.

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