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Thread: Looking to purchase bikes

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    Looking to purchase bikes

    Interested buyer looking for any Buell model that uses the xb12 engine with the flat cam cover
    From what Iíve seen, this is 2008 and up production bikes
    Preferably under 20,000 miles on the bike and no more than 500 miles from the Iowa state line in any direction unless you have 2 or more available which would help offset the fuel cost to pick them up
    The later xb12 engine is the main power plant for the SHR Enterprises Grand National Replica motorcycle
    Do a search and see what is being custom built for the street by SHR

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    Yes, thats '08-'10 XBS (Lightning) and XBR (Firebolts). Theres plenty of recyclers on eBay that part out bikes, try there? It might be easier (and less wasteful) than taking apart a running 'late model' Buell.

    It looks like you just put a carb on them anyway, why not use a 1200 sportster? They made a LOT more of those.

    Good luck!

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    PM sent re: xb12 for sale.

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