Hey guys, I sent a message to EZ over on Buellriders this morning about this issue, but I thought I'd post up here as well to see if I can get other ideas. I had a post about this last year, so mods if I need to combine the threads or something let me know.

Blast is hard to start. Once started, the bike runs great. It's just really hard to start. I feel like I've checked everything it could basically be at this point.

The bike is a 2001 Blast. It has had this starting issue since I got it (when it was stock), so the issue isn't due to modifications.

I'm running 46/175 jetting.

Velocity stack with outerwears filter
Custom exhaust

I thought it could be the auto enricher since I knew mine wasn't working, so I just replaced that with no luck.

I'm running Dan's superboot.

New spark plug and wire.

Just checked timing last night and it's good.

Idle air mix screw 2.5 turns out

I can make the bike start by cranking it and putting my hand over the carb mouth for a couple seconds and then moving my hand away and it will usually start after I do that once or twice, which I believe means the bike needs more fuel on start up?

Any idea what my issue is?