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Thread: XB12Ss swing arm onto an XB12S swap question

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    XB12Ss swing arm onto an XB12S swap question

    I have an 06 XB12s and wanted a little bit longer swing arm so I bought a Ss or X or Uly arm, (2 of them both off 2006 bikes) that said what do I have to change to make it work? I already see the coil-over hitting on the battery box... Thankyou for any insight here, Tom

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    You need the longer belt, Ss, X, Xt idler bracket, and the shock extension.


    Shock Extension
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    Azmidget put a SS swingarm on his white scg. I think it was an scg, at least. Maybe he will chime in with some tips.

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    Here is my Firebolt with CG suspension that I added a Ss swing arm on

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    oh9bolt, I love that look, I bought another swingarm because it had the belt guards and fender but now I guess my excess parts pile will grow a little bit higher. I'm losing all the belt guards and putting the short lightning rear fender on. Is that the original/short tensioner/idler, I don't think it will make that much difference either way. Thanks so much for the direction, Tom

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    Thanks I am a fan the Firebolt lighting tail look as well! Yeah I have never run belt guards and haven't had a problem, I cut the mounts off of this swingarm. That is the stock small frame tensioner, I didn't change it because I am using CG suspension and I felt there was less tension on the belt with it. You are welcome for the help and PM me if you have any other questions!


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    Bolt your bike has the best of every thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The adapter wasnt available in 2012 when I did mine. I wound up taking the mount off and having it rewelded on. I measured the tail height with each swingarm. It didn't change.

    10688_20120514151202_L.jpg 10688_20120514151306_L.jpg

    I still run the bike this way today. But I think the adapter is a more viable solution. The swingarm doesn't change so you can sell it later if you need to.

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