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Thread: Turbo XB V5.0

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    Turbo XB V5.0

    Hi y'all! It's been a while since I've posted as life has been extremely busy with non-Buell responsibilities over the past couple years. Most recently, we bought a house and I finally have the garage setup to get back to work on my machine. My hobby is now divided between this build and my new (to me) 2008 Audi RS4. I'm fitting a single BorgWarner S400SX-E turbocharger and two BorgWarner 48V eBoosters to the Audi, which is quite an undertaking but will have big payoffs as far as a killer flat and large torque curve (expecting over 450ft-lbs from 1500rpm thru the 8200rpm redline out of the 4.2L V8). This should put down a peak of over 700hp and 500-525 ft-lbs to all 4 wheels. But, I can't forget about the XB, so here is a summary where things are today and what I look forward to in the future:

    Current status: Completely disassembled

    To do:

    - 2009 XB12 engine cases and 2008 XB12 crank with Carrillo rods will be on it's way to Darkhorse Crankworks for them to machine for Axtell big bore iron cylinders, a 2nd crankcase breather reed valve, and clearance for the Redshift 585 cams. They will also inspect and rebalance the crank for my new pistons which are 550g per piston including pin and rings.

    - Axtell 3.875" diameter bore iron cylinders are bare and need cosmetic finishing. I'll send these to Swain Tech for their BBE heat emitting coating, along with the cylinder heads once I have these completed

    - XB heads have had Hammer's BFH service with 2.02" intake valves and 1.63" exhaust valves. Once I have the cases back from DH, I need to mock up the top end and 3D scan the assembly so I can design the new intake system in CAD. The intake ports will be significantly raised to allow for individual intake runners fed by individual throttle body butterflies. The new intake design will require machining cylinder heads, welding additional material to intake port areas, fully machined intake runners and throttle body assembly, as well as a fully machined pre-throttle body manifold. The system will include 2 fuel injectors per cylinder, one facing the back of the valve and the second above the throttle plate for each cylinder.

    - IDS DDFI-3 ECM is here with custom firmware to allow for secondary injector control, Alpha-N and/or Speed Density ignition and fuel mapping, fuel pressure control via PWM fuel pump mapping (no more fuel pressure regulator), turbocharger boost control, and individual cylinder widebands for improved logging capabilities. I need to make many changes to the current wiring harness to add all of these features, which I may just start over with a DDFI-3 harness and make the necessary changes.

    - BorgWarner EFR 5951 turbocharger is a prototype for a program of mine at work (smaller unit than the smallest released EFR, the 6258). Once the engine is mocked up, I will fab the new charge and exhaust system for this guy. It has a nice internal wastegate which will make exhaust plumbing easier than my last setup.

    - All chassis parts will get powder coated once I confirm all new welds/holes have been finished for the new build. Easy to go with the black color from before, but I'm still open to a new fun color. Although I really like the black

    - Several new body pieces from Speed Of Color will be painted to go with whatever color scheme I decide. Black is likely

    I'll post some pics of the bike before I took everything apart for reference. With no major color changes, the cosmetic changes will be subtle but noticeable. Biggest changes will be engine, turbo system, and engine management hardware, which should also provide quite a boost in performance. Last milestone was ~185hp and ~175ft-lbs at the wheel in 2016. I expect the new build to put more torque down sooner and peak much higher. My original goals for this build were 270-290hp and 230-240 ft-lbs at the wheel, but I may lower my target to 240hp and 200-220 ft-lbs at the wheel, depending on how confident I feel in the hardware as it goes together.
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    What is wrong with your header? What ecm are you using?

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    I'm not sure, Jesse. I'll have to ask my wife and get back to you.

    Crank and cases boxed up and ready to ship to DH this week:


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    Amazing stuff as always Eric, I look forward to the results!!!

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    Wow , I would not believe the HP with out the dyno sheet, Like Jesse said AMAZING!!!!!

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    Super cool Eric, glad you're back Really look forward to seeing this!

    The Audi project sounds killer too! I have an S5 with AWE fun parts, the same engine, and freakin' love that toy. Are you posting that build somewhere?

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    I can't imagine what this bike will be like with over 200whp. How is your custom slipper clutch setup holding out?

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    Holy balls that thing must be a wild ride! Definitely following this project!

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