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Thread: Turbo XB V5.0

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    That machine must be insane with that kind of torque and power.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    Super cool Eric, glad you're back Really look forward to seeing this!

    The Audi project sounds killer too! I have an S5 with AWE fun parts, the same engine, and freakin' love that toy. Are you posting that build somewhere?
    Ya, I realllllly enjoy the RS4's engine. I haven't started a build thread yet, but I'll share a link when I do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryanek9freak View Post
    I can't imagine what this bike will be like with over 200whp. How is your custom slipper clutch setup holding out?
    My clutch setup has worked out really well! I haven't put any time into trying to setup the slipper function, but it continued to hold all the torque with only 220lbs of clutch spring which made for a super easy clutch pull. Much nicer to ride compared to the old setup.

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    This is an awesome update. Good to see you post again. I have an 08 A4 (195k miles) thats been paid off for quite some time, I threaten building it up or going the RS4 route like you did. They are an awesome looking car with the wide body look to them. How many miles on that? Definitely share a link if you start a thread somewhere. I imagine you'll get way more input than you want on an audi forum.

    Ive been wanting to investigate your cush drive setup for the 1190 and see if its possible to do without machining the wheel.

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    Interesting... can't wait to see some progress

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