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Thread: Starting after a long winter.

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    Starting after a long winter.

    Hi guys ,

    First off , long time lurker , first time register 8)

    I'm wondering if someone can give me some pointers on how I can get my 02 XB9R back up and running. It was for in a running state then left for about 18 months sitting in the garage with fuel in the tank .

    I'm now in a position where I want to get back on the road.

    I replaced the battery and tried to start her , no joy there as the fuel pump had seized ( no duuuurp from the pump when switched on ). 1 month later and I have now fitted a new fuel pump , checked I got a duuurp and that fuel was coming out the pump. The bike doesn't seem to be firing after trying several times, does the fuel need bleeding ? I can't see anything about bleeding the fuel lines.

    If I don't need to bleed the lines what would you guys suggest is the next course of action ? spark plugs? , injectors ?

    Thanks for a great forum and I have gleaned a lot of information off of it and hopefully one day I will be able to give some advice.

    Cheers all !

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    i would try the following mike and no....the system typically does not need "bleeding". try this and report back with results:
    1-remove fusebox lid and check all fuses closely particularly the key switch and ignition fuse. the fuel pump tied into those circuits.
    2-you need 3 components to fire the motor: compression/fuel/ignition spark at the correct time. assuming you have good compression do process of elimination as follows: remove airbox cover and airbox lid. set the lid aside which exposes the air intake horn. hold throttle open and either dribble a small amount of fuel or starting fluid into the TB. close throttle and now see if it attempts to fire. if so you have a fuel delivery issue. if NOT you have a spark issue probably traceable back to fouled spark plugs.
    try the above and report back with findings. this process will narrow it down to the precise issue.

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    Clean all the grounds, no matter what they look like, take all of the fuses out and check them, make sure all of the contacts are working. Fully charge the battery then, take it someplace and have them load test it. After that, take a plug write off and verify that you do have spark.

    Sorry, I must have been writing this at the same time as John was but, yes all of the above also !

    Let us know how it goes.
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    These guys are right, but let me add:

    There is a distinct possibility you flooded it trying to start with the dead battery first. If it won't start cranking it with the throttle cracked open (it adds air, not gas), you should pull the plugs, crank the bike for a second with the plugs out, clean them very well check the gap, and re-install. Heck, you might as well but in some new NGK's while they're out.

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