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Thread: 2008 Lightning - Pyrite Brown

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    2008 Lightning - Pyrite Brown

    I bought this bike in Italy last summer with 718 kilometers on the odometer. It had an XB9SX front fairing and air filter cover in hero blue, but the rest of the plastics were black. The air filter cover was broken around one of the front screws, so I decided to buy a used one without the big X on it and paint all covers in a new color. I chose a BMW individual color called "Pyrite Brown". I wasn't sure I made the right decision until I saw them back on the bike. It turned out great!


    I went for the first ride of the year yesterday. It's still only a few degrees above zero here, but roads are mostly snow free.

    New oil, filter and tires are next on my list. I also need to fit the new XB12S emblem I ordered. I'd like some more audial feedback, but I'd like to keep the looks of the stock muffler. I might open it up and "drummify" it later on. More pics to come soon, but I'd better wash it first.
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    I had an isue with the bike yesterday. The neutral light wouldn't come on at first, and the bike would die if I let the clutch out with the kickstand down in neutral.
    When the bike had been running for a few minutes, the light came on, and then kept coming and going. I assume there is an issue with the sensor, so I'll start looking there. Does anyone recognize these symptoms?

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    your symptoms indicative of a faulty neutral switch. see pic below. is located behind front drive pulley.
    factory part # 33900-99 list price approx. $15....infinite available in system. you do NOT need to remove front drive pulley to replace but tedious to do so....but possible with some patience.
    ALSO verify before replacing switch that the diode fuse in your fuse box is pointed in the correct position.
    ALSO verify neutral switch probably faulty before replacing with this simple test:
    1. Remove front pulley cover----3 torx head screws.
    2. Disconnect wire lead from neutral indicator switch.
    3. Turn ignition key switch to ON. Touch the neutral indicator
    wire lead to a suitable ground.
    If indicator lamp lights, then problem is at indicator
    switch. Replace switch.
    If indicator lamp does not light, then problem is elsewhere
    in circuit. Check for loose connections,
    burned out indicator lamp or faulty wiring.
    you can remove switch, depress spring loaded ball, clean with carb or brake cleaner, blow dry and test it but IMO waste of time and effort. if removing it just replace with new.
    I'll also add that sometimes in conjunction with a faulty neutral safety switch you'll experience erratic warm motor curb idle speed. NOT all the time but in many instances that is another indicator of faulty switch.

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    Thanks for the info, I'll take a look!

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