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Thread: Handlebar conversion on 1125R

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    Handlebar conversion on 1125R

    Has anyone converted their 1125R to a handlebar setup (like a CR)?

    At first it seemed pretty straightforward, just swap out the top clamp for a CR, bolt on a set of reasonable bars and go.

    However, after looking through the parts catalogs at Twin, it seems like there are more than a few gotchas, such as ignition switch mounting, etc.

    Has anyone done this?

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    I have. Found a forum member who sold me the bars, clamp, and triple. I re-routed the throttle cables and the clutch line iirc. Also had to cut in some wire on the front brake switch, and the clutch switch (I think...). You can however check out St. Paul HD and see if they have the kit which includes most stuff to do a clean conversion. You will however still need to cut in some wire, and source an ignition switch from a CR. More questions? I just googled it and used this site and some info from the Badweb.

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