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Thread: primary chain rubbing against cover

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    primary chain rubbing against cover

    I just installed a 34 tooth alu drive sprocket from evolution ind on my 2004 xb 12r replaced primary chain and clutch pack. reassembled everything and started it up terrible noise coming from primary.Took it back apart and could see were chain at front sprocket was contacting cover checked everything over, everything felt tight front sprocket was tourqed to 250 ft lbs, used new nut at sprocket and new hardware to reattach rotor to sprocket, clutch was still tight no play, was tourqed to 70 ft lbs left hand thread. should I use dremmel to releve alu from back of primary everything I did looks correct

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    I have never heard of them or why you’d put that on. I don’t want to download the whole motorcycle catalog to find out for you so give some info here pretty please.

    Is it bigger than stock? Do you have the off-set backwards? What do the instructions say? What did they say when you called them and asked them why their part does that?

    Stock, the chain should have 3/8”-1/2” of play and down to 1/4” play when hot. Does yours?

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    you're not going to like this but here's your answer: most evolution industry components are not intended for buell applications. if you had inquired about your XB application prior to purchasing their response probably would have been along the lines of "not sure" or "i don't think it will work". if a portion of the primary chain is contacting the primary cover it can only be caused by 1 of 2 situations neither of which is good: the chain dimensions don't match up to the stock XB chain....or the front sprocket doesn't match up to the stock XB sprocket. betting you purchased their EV-1017 series front sprocket? doubt it matches up. grinding material away from a factory part to make an aftermarket part "fit" is about as ham-fisted and amateurish as it comes but might be your only option. i would NOT do it.
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    I have no idea what drive sprocket you're talking about but I'd like to throw something out there. I'm backing Lunatic on this. This is a bad idea. If you should choose to grind the cover to make this part work be prepared to die because of it. The case isn't all that thick to begin with, 1/8 in max I would think. If you grind some material to make this work there is very little material left before you develop a hole in the case, dumping a quart or so of oil right onto your rear tire. Down you go, no warning. Something to think about.

    Best of luck, Wayne

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