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Thread: Cooling fan question

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    Cooling fan question

    I have an '09 Ulysses with D&D pipes and a Buell ECM designed for these pipes. The bike runs great but the fan is basically ALWAYS running except when I come to a stop. It will go off and immediately then start again once I'm in motion. Does anyone know if this is normal? Concerned that my fan will have a very short life although it's been good for 10,000 miles so far. Also, if the fan does quit, is it essential to get it replaced immediately? I'm in a very cool climate in Upstate NY and rarely ride in anything approaching 90 degrees.

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    Do you have a RSS ? Is this the ECM you are using ?
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    If you can get into the ecm with ecmdroid or another program, go into ecm parameters and uncheck “speed based fan control”

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