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Thread: Longer throttle cables? Are they available?

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    Longer throttle cables? Are they available?

    2010 XB12XT.
    Fitted with 2" Rox Risers and Uly X late model triple trees.
    I've run out of slack when the bars are turned full right, throttle binds.
    No amount of fiddling or adjustment of the cable run cures the issue.

    It's an old story, but I only need another 1" ;-)
    Is there an alternative ?
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    none longer that buell ever offered. you might find what you want in the Sportster arena as the right side switch gear housings, throttle tubes and many of the cable-to-TB connector brackets same as your xt/uly. pusher cable is a DOT required joke. you can run without it. perhaps remove the puller cable and take to local H-D dealer who has decent selection in stock and match something up.

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