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Thread: Cooter puts spools on an XB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    Sweet! Please add pics when you do it, we know you'll do it right I'm curious how long a bolt/sleeve you'll need... or even better, a slightly longer shouldered bolt with a nylon crush washer would be slick. Who cares if they spin?
    Probably not gonna do it any different than you did, honestly. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetlee View Post
    Probably not gonna do it any different than you did, honestly. lol
    How did this turn out jetlee? I started doing some preliminary measuring and came up with an approximation of a ~27mm spacer needed to go inside the swingarm. I will probably go down to Ace hardware and look for some sort of spacer that measures out to that and start there. I really dont want to stack a bunch of fender washers together. LOL.
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    If you can reach in that pocket to tighten the nut, you'll be ok with the spool in single shear (on the outside wall) with a big OD washer.

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