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Thread: Odo/trip/clock malfunction wierd characters on lcd display

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    Odo/trip/clock malfunction wierd characters on lcd display

    Fired up the bike this afternoon to ride home from work and the lcd display has wierd characters instead of the odo value, seems like its only showing the bottom half of the segment display. Pressing the mode button to trip o r clock gives the same result. On pressing the mode button the full display comes on momentarily for a fraction of a second before it goes to wierdness.
    Only the lcd is affected, have not done any mods to the instrument panel.
    Battery is new from a couple of weeks ago, checked the cables by turning the handlebar full left and right, no difference.
    Im ok with electronics so i will open up the instrument panel and take a look but i was just wondering if any body had experienced this before and knows what the problem is.

    The bike is a 2006 ulysses, pretty much stock, installed polly heaters with the later ulysses control cluster for heated grips in december, work fine, extra ground to ignition module, thats all the electrical changes i have made, checked the grounds and the battery.

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    check the module/cluster ground. if ok then the digital display portion of the cluster is shot. theoretically it can be replaced but personally i'd go with the entire board. it's the gizmo to the right of #101 in the pic. also try removing negative batt cable for the nite then reattaching in the morning.


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