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Thread: What to do with 35 miles per gallon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    You can easily check the AFV in the ECM using the free ECMDroid program (google play store). It needs a Bluetooth dongle to wirelessly connect to the bike. I like mine from
    Datalogging? Yes.

    If you seek a proper diagnosis, the program above is great. Lots of instructions on

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailmoto View Post
    My math is correct but yes it is based on the odometer. I believe that the highest I have gotten has been 40 miles per gallon. No mods that I can tell. The plugs looked somewhat rich but keep in mind that I just bought this bike with 19,000 miles and it has been neglected for about 3 years. So here is one of the spark plugs. However I'm really not sure how much we can learn from this since the history is completely unknown.

    Attachment 9791I
    it's "rich". heat range pretty well spot-on as it should be since that's a factory plug and appears to be a "lifer".
    you don't have a base-line and you desperately need one. the below will establish same. once done simply have someone hold bike as close to vertical as possible and fill to bottom of cap flange. now ZERO your trip-meter and do a simple short afternoon ride with ample mixture of assorted roads and throttle settings. in other words ride where and how you did when you rang up claimed 36mpg. now top off tank in identical manner as before. divide gallons used into miles traveled and that's your mpg.
    your baseline:
    1-plugs are crap. replace both with either NGK DCPR8EIX OR 9. 9 one range colder and it's what i used.
    2-install your fresh air filter. if it's a K&N and factory oiled ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ADD MORE FILTER OIL to it.
    3-very very closely check plug wires when installing new plugs. if any doubt replace them.
    4-while changing the plugs i'd perform a simple breather re-route but that's just me and the mentioning of it will probably draw this thread out another 5 months knowing the history of such things on here.
    5-tps reset. check your owners manual and/or SM. simple on your 2009 and takes 10 seconds.
    6-ride in "closed loop learn mode" for 20 miles or so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailmoto View Post
    Is this something that I would do with ECM spy or Buell tooth?
    You can use ECMSpy and Buelltooth, but I prefer TunerPro RT, personally. I just have more experience using it to datalog and tune various other vehicles - more familiarity with it.

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