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Thread: Custom Built Buell XB

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    Custom Built Buell XB

    Hey guys. Putting my Buell up for sale again. I was going to sell it a few years ago, but changed my mind. It is started life as a 2004 XB12R. This is a high quality build. No half assed stuff. I covered the build here several years ago. It currently has 4,399 miles. I have many of the original parts as well. This was a full rebuild, even though it didn't need it. Here is the parts list:

    Parts list:


    Fuel pump
    O2 sensor
    Cyl head temp sensor
    Fuel injectors
    Ignition coil
    Plug wires
    IAT sensor
    EBR race ecm
    Drummer SS exhaust
    Drummer one off spring joint
    Jim's pulley nut
    Full gasket set
    Oil and filter
    Primary chain shoe
    Primary adjuster nut
    Rizoma rear puller
    Pulley bolts
    Free spirits belt tensioner

    total $ 2090


    Fork rebuild kit
    Penske rear shock
    Dunlop Q3's
    EBR front rotor
    Rear rotor
    Ft and rear pads
    Spiegler custom brake lines
    Front caliper rebuild
    Brembo radial front master cylinder
    Rear master cylinder rebuild kit
    Brembo rear caliper and hidden bracket
    Woodcraft rear sets
    Vortex clip on bars
    Rizoma grips
    Rizoma fluid cans
    CRG folding levers
    Billet brake line clamps

    Total $3014


    Front wheel bearings
    Rear wheel bearings
    Swing arm bearings
    Steering head bearings
    Carbon mud guard
    Carbon can cover
    Carbon oil cooler
    Breather catch can
    EBR fuel cap
    Front axle
    Front and rear bearing spacers
    Kick stand new style
    Front motor mount
    Rear motor mount
    Rizoma belt guard

    Total $870

    Lights and Gauges

    LED day maker headlight
    Motogadget m-blace ice front signals
    Motogadget m-blaze disc rear signals
    Custom dynamics led licence frame
    Custom dynamics 13 led tail/brakellight
    Dakota digital gauge cluster
    LSL headlight mounts
    Ballistic 12 cell lith/ion battery

    Total $2050

    Custom fabrication

    Hand formed gas welded air box cover
    Hand formed gas welded fender
    Hand formed days welded seat cowl
    Hand stitched seat
    Tube subframe
    Wiring harness
    Electronics plate
    Headlight bucket
    Gauge mount
    Breather reroute 3/8" steel line
    Licence plate mount
    Top triple machined
    Fluid can mounts
    Wiring harness clips
    Polished wheels
    Polished engine covers
    Polished rocker boxes and covers
    Redesigned grounding scheme
    Polished rear sets
    Polished belt tensioner
    Polished belt guard
    Custom trans vent
    Nickel plated oil lines

    Total raw materials, welding wire and gas $300

    Powder coat

    Licence plate mount
    Triple clamps
    Clutch perch
    Breather reroute tubes
    Kickstand and plate
    All brackets
    Oil cooler frame
    Cyl head tie plate
    Lots of other little stuff

    I'm asking $6,500 or reasonable cash offers. Here are some pics. This bike is flawless and unbelievably clean.

    Thanks for looking. No dissapointments. Bike is NICE.

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    That is really inexpensive for an absolutely beautiful bike, besides being mechanically sound.

    GLWS, thats a badass ride

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    I really like that bike. Well done.

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    Thanks guys.

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    Yeah, that is amazing. You sir, are awesome. More awesome than Silverrider.

    I hope TPEHAK doesnt see the relays mounted in the airbox.

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    That is a beautifully done custom bike, very nice work !

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34nineteen View Post

    I hope TPEHAK doesnt see the relays mounted in the airbox.

    Well... it does have UV resistant heat shrink tubing on the custom made wire harness....

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    I literally joined this page after i saw this bike for sale, want to build something similar but dont think i ever could honestly. beautiful bike man. This will definitely be inspiration. Id buy it from you but that takes all the fun out of it haha

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    This bike was an inspiration to me in mounting electronics under the air box. Super clean build. Itís definitely worth what youíre asking for it. If I could, Iíd buy it myself.

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    Has this motorcycle been featured by any magazine like turboraven motorcycle?

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