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Thread: Xb12x (2007) jardine rt1 fuel map

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    Xb12x (2007) jardine rt1 fuel map

    Hi all,
    I bought my 07 xb12x Uly around 6 months ago and it's the first bike (of very many), I actually wanted to keep. Problem is it's running rough at idle and feels a little flat. I'm fairly confident when the previous owner installed the jardine pipe (and added the K&N), that they didn't change the fuel map. Does anyone know where I might be able to get a fuel map for this system?
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    IMO, The easiest thing for you to do is contact Tim at IDS and he can either sell you a plug and play ECM or program yours if you sent it to him.

    Alternativly, if you're more of DIY person check out ECMDroid (free in the Googleplay store). It is a great diagnostic tool to have and has the capability to swap maps as well. You will need a Bluetooth wireless connection to have it communicate with the bike. I suggest They also offer free maps to anyone on their customer database. They might have the one you want.

    No matter what. Make sure the bike is in good mechanical condition and running well before you assume its a mapping issue.

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    Cooter said it all.

    I've been there, and I've learned from my mistake: software is really the last thing you want to touch if you're not 100% sure your bike is mechanically sound

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