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Thread: 2003 XB9R Rebuild

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlevoixboy View Post

    Dang! You do good work !

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    Thanks everyone! Everything but the neutral switch came in today so tomorrow I'll be busy. Picked up an Alpinestars leather jacket today and boots for $120 (used.) should be better than nothing. Gloves and pants are next.

    Also, in a higher gear (4th or 5th) cruising along at like 30mph, do the Buells tend to be a little jerky? The second I open the throttle a little more it smooths right out as I accelerate. I'm assuming it's just a big v twin thing, but I don't have anything to compare to.

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    30-40 mph is for 3rd gear, 40-50 mph is 4th, 50mph and up is 5th. It is jerky because of the RPM at this gear is too low for this speed. You have to avoid riding at wrong gear.
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    That's what I figured. I was dropping down a gear to clear it up, just didn't know if I had a tuning problem or if that's just the nature of the beast. Thanks!

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    They are torquey but they will RPM all day without issue. I'll cruise all day at 80mph. I wouldn't recommend accelerating hard below 3000rpm. Lugging an engine will cause many more problems than using the rpm in the power band.

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