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Thread: New member and owner of a 2001 m2 cyclone

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    turned out the batttery had a short in one of the cells and the machine couldnt catch it ..

    have mentioned this on here ad nauseam: air cooled buells are pure hell on battteries. why? simple: heat and vibration.
    whether a tuber, blast or XB keep this in mind and keep this handy: if some electrical gremlin or mal-function suddenly appears particularly involving start-up....CHECK THE BATTERY AND CABLE ATTACHMENT POINTS BOTH ENDS. and buy a cheap simple MULTI-METER and memorize these numbers:
    fully charged static battery very close to 13 volts
    """"""""""""""""""""""""""""" with key on very close to 12 volts
    """"""""""""""""""""""""""""" in cranking mode very close to 9 volts
    battery with dead cell in cranking mode very close to 1 or 0 volts.
    memorize the above and do your own battery tests. probably solves 80% of the threads initiated on here.
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