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Thread: Buell XB9S Ignition

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    Buell XB9S Ignition

    Hey guys, I ride a 2003 Buell XB9S. I am in the middle of replacing the whole front assembly with a single 7" headlight and new gauges. Tonight, I removed the ignition switch. Somehow in the process, I broke it. Is there an after market ignition switch that would still give me the locking feature that isn't crazy expensive? Or in your opinion, do I even need the lock? I found a few of the XB ignition switches on ebay that are like $200, which is insane. I'm trying to fix the issue without having to drop serious cash.

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    How exactly you broke it? Maybe it is possible to fix. I eliminated the steering lock completely and use Motogadget M-lock to power the motorcycle but it will cost you even more than the Buell lock. Steering lock is nice to have feature if you don't need to remove it. You probably will need to replace full set of keyed stuff, the gas cap and the steering lock if you don't want to use two different keys.
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    Well, there are 2 parts of the switch that come apart by removing two phillips head screws. It was my only option to try to figure out what was wrong so when I removed them, I noticed the little bar going from the keyed part to the electrical part had severed in half somehow. So unless a locksmith can fix that, I plum out of luck as far as repairing it.

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    If you don't use/need the steering lock you have literally 1000's of options. If you want it:

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    Thanks Cooter, definitely worth considering. I have an appointment with a locksmith who thinks it's possible to repair it. Until then, I ordered just a cheap universal switch to use until I either just bite the bullet and order the correct one or he fixes it. I'll keep yall updated. If I end up deciding to stick with a generic ignition switch, any ideas of what I can do for security outside of the steering lock? I have heard there is an option of installing a kill switch under the seat but have no clue how to do that. Thanks!

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