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    Okay guys, if you read my last post, it was involving tearing apart the front end and replacing everything with one singular headlight. I had an issue with the ignition switch which Iíve now resolved. The job is mostly done and bike and new headlight works awesome! But.... Iím now having a problem with my ECM. All the sudden, tail light(itís not the bulb), blinkers(new blinkers and original rear), and ECM(gauges and odometer) are not working at all. The neutral light comes on in first gear and the high beam light is on but high beams are off. Any ideas where to start? Already checked the fuses as well.

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    Something you changed/touched in the head lamp area. Start there.

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    Well, I did. I could find nothing that may have caused the issue. All of it worked at first and then all the sudden stopped. Iím wondering if itís possible the ECM possible has faulted? Is there a way to reset it?

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    I would check the harness where it goes to the front of the bike. Also make sure you connected the ground and it is actually connected to a point that has continuity back to the battery.

    I think Cooter or the Rider of Silver know the pins on the cluster for where 12v and ground go.

    You can always make an extra ground wire out of some 12-ish ga wire and just run one side directly to the battery and one to the front of the bike. If doing that solves your problem then you are chasing a ground issue.
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    I figured it out! After hearing your suggestions, I went ahead and broke down the front of the bike and unloomed the wires that went to the back looking for abnormalities. Being a novice to this, it took me a while to figure it out. It turns out, whoever owned the bike before me had apparently either cut on purpose or by accident one of the wires running from the ECM to the ignition switch. They had basically spliced it together with another one of the wires running to the ignition switch. When I changed out the switch, I guess the new switch didnít like how it was done. After some tinkering, rerunning that cable, relooming/retaping, EVERYTHING works! Next project will be to redo all the wires but for now, itíll do. Will post pictures when itís all put back together. Thanks for your help!

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