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Thread: rear caliper 4 pot upgrade. pics :-)

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    Bit of follow up on the brakes. 4 pot rear is brillant. just right for town use, but nice power when you need to slow down in a hurry.

    Got the ebr 8 pot fitted up front with a 19 x 18 radial master. All i can say is the braking is superb. I can tickle both brakes and get nice feedback and progressive braking.

    But I think the bike has it in for me and doesn't like being used as a daily rider. Beginning of week she decided to grenade a rear wheel bearing as 60mph. expected better life from SKF bearings. only lasted 8 months. but local bearing shop had replacements in stock so all good.

    Then got up this morning for work, rode bike about 2 mile down road and got terrible tire shake as I went round a corner, pulled up quick check and decided to head home. got back and noticed free spirits tensioner and threw it's spring off for some reason.

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    8 months on SKF bearings!? Somethings amiss...

    I would bet the wheel spacer is under spec causing too much side load, or they weren't installed deep enough, maybe rear axle was over torqued? Something... That sucks.

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