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Thread: How and where should the clutch pull be? And system voltage

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    34:19: The syringe will work exactly like a vacuum pump I like the pump because I can create a vacuum and have both my hands free to fiddle with stuff.

    I have a PHX reverse bleeder but haven't used it in a long time. It's really good if your starting with a brand new or totally dry MC, but once I figured out to loosen it up and move the MC around it was easier to do that

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    I had to bleed the hydraulic clutch of a 2000ish Honda civic after I accidentally broke a line. The whole system is pretty level so you don't get a good gravity fluid flow. I was about to go INSANE... I even replaced the slave cylinder. After what felt like hours the system finally started to build pressure. Close bleeder, pump, pump, pump, hold, open bleeder did eventually work. I tried a suction tool. I just got my hands on a HUGE syringe. Next time I'll try pressure filling the system from the bleeder nipple. - OH this is the buell thread - sorry. AND AN OLD POST....


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