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Thread: Woodcraft Case Covers/Sliders

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    Woodcraft Case Covers/Sliders

    Hey everyone!

    I've been in contact with Woodcraft about getting covers made for the EBR, but since the sprocket and clutch covers are identical for the 1190 as the 1125, I wanted to see if anyone here wanted to grab one too! Here's the scoop:

    The clutch cover will be totally replaced, and the sprocket cover will be covered with a billet piece that has a replaceable aluminum or stainless steel slide pad, which is cheap AF ($22/replacement pad). They're able to be crashed in perpetuity, so long as you replace the slide pad after each crash. Which brings me to my point. If you're like me and want these covers, then let me know. They want to do 50 sets, and if you're interested, along with 40-48 of your closest friends (I'll be buying two sets, one for each bike), then I'll bring my bike over to Woodcraft HQ to get it measured and the parts started.

    Here is the link for those who are curious what these covers are all about:

    But what would the price for the set be, you might ask? Waylon @ Woodcraft gave me what he very vehemently insisted is an inflated number, and the full set will most likely be cheaper. $450 for a full set. That is more expensive than any other options. However, a single replacement for the other options will be more expensive than the Woodcraft option, which only requires replacement of a single metal plate.

    Let me know whether you're interested or not!

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    Woodcraft makes nice stuff! I wonder If he could machine the existing stock covers for the puck instead of making them from scratch?

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