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Thread: AFV Values

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    AFV Values

    Please excuse my ignorance! Does the AFV Value move about? I set mine to 111.9 which is what it was when I first checked. 150 miles or so and it had gone down to 106. Another 100 miles or so and it was 100. Another 150 miles or so and the AFV has gone up to 106 again.

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    From my research the AFV is never constant, and will move around within reason. It would seem a value from about 90-110 being considered normal. Your description would seem to fall under the normal category. Others with more experience may offer a better answer.

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    AFV is a change the ECM makes to the Global (closed loop) fuel map. It will adjust after getting so many cycles of the O2 sensor reading rich or lean. Things like altitude and temperature will affect it.

    Yours is well within good running parameters.

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