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Thread: Tires: what would you do?

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    Good to hear. I'm a bit late but was going to recommend another contimotion on the back. I just replaced my tires with them and they're great so far. No track days so I can't say how they are when pushed but for around town they feel good. Also just set up the suspension for my weight and it's night and day from what the PO had it set at, which was way too hard, opposite of yours.

    I was going to go with the Angel GTs but had so much other stuff to fix on my bike I couldn't justify $450 (CAD) over the $175 the conti's cost. Maybe next time.

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    Dunlop Sportmax GPR300. You can currently get the front and rear tire for $300. Installed. I recently had them installed and they're great. Don't want to get nuts with reviewing it here, so just research reviews for this tire online. For the price and performance it's hard to beat.

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