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Thread: almost left stranded

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    Thanks! I will check more thouroghly. I did just remove the plastics and saw my rear oil vent hose (or whatever) was punched. Seems to have less surging, we'll see. I haven't gotten up to high speed cruising yet for fear I will break down

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    Oh, and I have had to change my ignition relay twice from using my brights with a higher than recommended wattage. Hasn't happened since I switched to led h3's

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    I have done 45 miles now in all riding types and nothing. I'm going to keep my laptop with me and ecm cord and if happens again check for codes. I will go through and check grounds. The grounding on this thing has always given me trouble. She has been happy today. Could have been the pinched and kinked oil breather thing.. beats me. I'll keep y'all posted!

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    Did the tach and speedometer cut out when this happened? I ask because I had a similar issue and it was my kickstand switch. Bike just quit out of nowhere.

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    Since the original problem, I have done hundreds of miles with no issues(knock on wood). So far what I have done is rewire new grounds to the triple, frame, and engine, tighten my primary chain, reset my tps, and removed my led kit... which had actually grounded out around or at the same time as my bike dying. Same day for sure though. The kickstand switch has been disabled since I got the bike. The instrument cluster stayed lit, but all happend so fast that I couldn't remember each detail. As of right now, she runs like a dream, better than ever before. I do need to replace my o2 sensor since my o2 light comes on code 13 always lean... even after I have richened the fuel flow, but my jack doesn't fit under it to lower the swingarm... so I'll get to it soon. But for now, the low rpm bucking has gone away, doesn't sound like it is misfiring, even sounding fuel pump tone. I'll continue to work on it when I have the time and report back. Thanks y'all

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