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Thread: Intermittent Low Fuel Light

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    Intermittent Low Fuel Light

    Own two Buell's. With L.F.'s help determined that the fuel pump on one bike was probably on the way out. The other bike has 21K and the fuel pump sounds good, (like it always did).

    If I run low on fuel the LCD, F window comes on but the Yellow fuel light may or may not light up. It will eventually come on and cycle on and off randomly until I gas up.

    In one of his posts, L.F. stated that this could be a symptom, (or something like that) of a failing fuel pump. Comments Please, don't know for sure but I think this pump is fine.

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    The F odometer turns on the first time it sees a low fuel signal and stays on for a certain time, where the low fuel light illuminates only when reading low fuel.

    It is very possible the tank just isn't low enough to keep the light on. How much gas does it take to fill up? If it's 2.5 gallons or so (assume XBS) then you have a whole gallon (50 miles) left.

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    ed: just saw this and i've run into your scenario on occasion and the F mileage count-up would commence but the low fuel warning light would randomly go on and off till fuel was really low....then constantly illuminate. seems to be sporadic commensurate with an aging fuel level sensor. i'm sure your pump itself is fine as you mentioned. if you can't live with it and find it annoying the sensor is part # P0789.KA i keep them in stock if you need one. sadly you know the drill....the pump has to be removed to replace it.

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