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Thread: Richer fuel map for a standard XB

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    Tried the stock limits for AFV with midpoint voltage on O2 sensor at 0.5V and it had an edgy-ness to the throttle response that wasn't there with the 107% locked AFV.
    Went back to upper and lower limit AFV of 107%, and kept the 0.5V midpoint voltage and its sweet again.
    Funny thing though, the CEL came on a few times with "Rear O2 sensor always rich". Went off again after a few miles, but not ideal. It didn't come on when I first raised the midpoint voltage a few days ago. Maybe not enough miles to 'learn'?
    Will lower the AFV% progressively to see if I can make the CEL stay off.
    Sure runs sweet now though by comparison with stock set-up

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    From what I have read, your symptoms could be from intake manifold seal leaks. It might be worth doing the test. On the other hand, I had similar symptoms when I installed a stock ECM on my 2006 Uly (my bike came with EBR race ecm despite having stock exhaust). Running much better since I did a TPS reset, and better than the EBR Race ECM (which does not operate the active exhaust valve). Buelltooth has a "Race" map for stock exhaust which I am thinking of downloading but want to make sure it will operate the exhaust valve.

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    The EBR Race tune is a fuel map, and I'd highly recommend it even with a stock pipe.
    The Exhaust solenoid activation is in the ECM parameters and independent from a fuel map.

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    Buelltooth recommended that I disconnect and keep open the exhaust valve on my Special Ops muffler, I didn't want to do that so they said to run it in open loop with the stock tune. I've been slowly adjusting the AFV to get rid of the decel popping and It's getting better.

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    tleighbell - I've got that 'Race map for a stock XB12' from Buelltooth. Their words were "This mapping was transposed from an ECM for a 2008 model. Let me know how it works."
    Haven't been game to try it yet, esp not since its running so well now.
    Locking the AFV, from what I can gather, really only affects its ability to compensate for barometric pressure changes if your bike is in good condition, the CL learning is still active and you get those advantages. When something starts to go wrong of course it can't compensate.
    My setup wouldn't be any good if you lived in mountains, but for elevation changes of less than 1000' I haven't seen any downside - jv

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    Richer Fuel Map for standard XB

    Thanks John. That does not sound like a great recommendation for that map especially since it is from a 2008 which I understand to be a totally different ECM from that on our 2006/2007 bikes. Thanks for the heads up. I was just about to go the Buelltooth route, primarily to get that map, after frustration with ECMSPY.

    Cooter, your comment is interesting because with the EBR Race module, I found a real flat spot below 3000 RPM. It improved when I wired the exhaust valve open but then the mid range seeemed to suffer. I got hold of a 2004 stock ECM and replaced the pooched exhaust valve actuator and when I finally got the TPS done right that setup seems to work better than the EBR. Is there a way to get the EBR fuel map to work with the exhaust valve on the stock pipe? Now the bike seems to be running as god intended, i probably shouldn't mess with it, but i guess there is always room for improvement. Might try the ecmspy to make sure there is enough fuel at idle and WOT. Or just buy a Drummer and get the EBR module reflashed to match.

    I am new to this forum and really impressed with the level of technical knowledge here. John, really appreciated your piece on grounding the XB series, which i happened to see first on the Badweather site.

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