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Thread: Help! -- Funnel tip fell inside rear swing arm reservoir..

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    Looked at my swing arm to better see what you're going through. Can't offer much except that if you have or can borrow front and rear stands it might help. The bike would be pretty level and vertical. It might help in moving the tip over to the drain hole. Keep fiddling with it, you'll work it out.

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    Just a shout out to the individuals who gave me hope and had awesome suggestions. THANK YOU!

    I ended up getting a endoscope, an inspection mirror, 9 inch hook tools, a long 48 inch grabber tool, and a whole ton of patience.
    Luckily I had a pair of locking forceps from my fishing kit, they saved the day!

    I picked up the endoscope for around 40 bucks on amazon. I had to bump it up to 1080p for it to be effective.
    To start, I sent the camera end in the dip-stick hole at the top, spent around 20 minutes exploring the inside of the swing arm, as I approached the metal oil lines in the centre of the reservoir I noticed there was a small nook around the corner completely out of sight from the opening. After a bit of wiggling and jiggling, I stopped dancing, and sent the camera around the corner and there she was.

    Keeping the camera trained on the rubber tip and getting the grabber tool in there wasn't working, so I sent the camera up the drainage hole and found it again. Those grabber tools dont like going around corners very much, so this freed up the entire top hole for aggressive manipulation of the grabber tool. After a few hard thrusts I saw the rubber end move, engaged grabber and it MOVED AGAIN! Resisting the urge to start dancing again i slowly moved this little bugger to the hole and grabbed it with the forceps, then out she came. Check out the pictures!


    Thanks again all you wonderful people, I took her out for a road trip over the weekend and fell in love all over again. SO many people mirin.

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    Glad you got it out !

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    Good Job redsaw Thats one of those parts you put in a little jar on the shelf and have a story to tell Haha

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    Good job. Throw that thing away and don't put it back on or you know what will happen.

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