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Thread: *NEW* - Upload Photos Of Your Buell

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    A lot of people have been wanting to host your photos to include them in forum posts/replies.

    When you are logged in, look towards the top and click on the Your Photos link. From here you can upload images of your Buell. Unfortunately there is a server limitation where your images cannot be larger than 2mb, so if that's the case - you may need to resize it on your computer to meet this guideline. When your image is uploaded it is automatically resized to look good on the forum. (For example a very large image will automatically get resized to fit nicely in your post)

    When you are posting a message or a reply, you will see a new button called "Add Your Photo". Click on that button and a small window will pop-up with thumbnails of all the photos you have uploaded. Click on a thumbnail and the code will be inserted in to your message composition which will display the photo.

    Currently, we haven't set a limit on the number of photos you can have, so have fun! I want to see some bikes! (and babes in bikinis on Buells... that would be great!)

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    I don't know if people know it,
    but will resize your pics for you.
    If you upload them into your album,
    then click on them,
    there's a tab in the upper corner for resizing.

    It took me a couple tries to get the hang of it.
    But that's how I worked it out.

    'Course I can also resize on my 'puter.
    But if yer uploading into an album,
    might as well do it there.
    Then just download it back into your home files...

    Enjoying the freedoms Jeremy.
    Thanx for the site.
    We Bueller's are a vain group!

    Robtk!42 a.k.a. "SpecialK!"

    Image resized on

    "In the struggle for survival, the fittest win out at the expense of their rivals because they succeed in adapting themselves best to their two-wheeled environment."
    --Charles "Uly" Darwin

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    Here's my new 08 XB12Ss in the showroom...

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    my 08 xb12scg right after i got it home still has warning stickers on it

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    Can you guess the make of this bike??

    Subtlety has never been one of my strong points...

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    07 xb9r race ecm, k&n, and jardine. and a lot of fun miles. also custom riding socks

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    My '98 with the XB Front installed

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    Aug 2008

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    here's mine

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