A lot of people have been wanting www.buellxb.com to host your photos to include them in forum posts/replies.

When you are logged in, look towards the top and click on the Your Photos link. From here you can upload images of your Buell. Unfortunately there is a server limitation where your images cannot be larger than 2mb, so if that's the case - you may need to resize it on your computer to meet this guideline. When your image is uploaded it is automatically resized to look good on the forum. (For example a very large image will automatically get resized to fit nicely in your post)

When you are posting a message or a reply, you will see a new button called "Add Your Photo". Click on that button and a small window will pop-up with thumbnails of all the photos you have uploaded. Click on a thumbnail and the code will be inserted in to your message composition which will display the photo.

Currently, we haven't set a limit on the number of photos you can have, so have fun! I want to see some bikes! (and babes in bikinis on Buells... that would be great!)