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Thread: *NEW* - Upload Photos Of Your Buell

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    Sorry about the delay in getting back to you xtreme, been super busy getting ready for deployment. I madde the pulley cover out of 1/8 thick aluminum. alot of trimming and cutting and grinding....

    Nuage, no prob, lemme know. i will be out of country for 6 months at the endish of August. but i will still have access and stay updated with the site. gotta figure out all of the changes i want to do when i get back!;)

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    My 06 9City Cross with mods. Love it. Knocked out 244 miles yesterday.

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    seabee i understand, i'm deployed myself right now

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    made some changes on my friends bike last week...
    Free Spirit 48mm polished headers ....
    Saturday Fotosession with an real sea-eagle

    Greetz from germany


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    Thats insane with the eagle! Where did you buy the headers??


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    Hi I'm Shaun from New Zealand and heres my 05 XB12R, I've done the breather reroute, removed the rear footrest's, taken off the firebolt stickers, tided up the tail, added custom grips, removed the reflectors off the forks. mods to come will be pazzo levers and maybe a black tinted screen. let me know what you think.

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    Keppi, has to be photoshopped right?

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    Just bought a Uly XT not long ago.
    So far I'm lovin' this bike.

    Two fine pieces of American Muscle :)

    Took a good ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway

    I like the GPS. Pretty handy on a long trip, and we're already planning some.

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