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Thread: XT luggage for a XB12X

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    Smile XT luggage for a XB12X

    I have a 06 XB12X and would like to add the XT luggage. There is a set of used from a wrecked bike at a local wrecker. Question is can I use these? If so where can I find a set of instructions for the mounting? Looks pretty straight forward but I would like to be sure. Picture are work a thousand words. Thanks for any help.

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    I believe All of buell original equipment hard luggage was manufactured by hepco Becker might be able to find installation instructions on their website. And yes they'll fit

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^what cody said.

    BUY IT. you won't regret it. it's wonderful sure to get the keys AND the mounting hardware or you'll have to improvise for hardware. one key fits both bags. the side racks are self-explanatory when you hold them up to your ulysses. two mounts go on top with seat off.......other lower mount attaches to passenger footpeg lower mount. there is no cross brace between the 2 racks on the back. if they have the rear mount top case that's a bonus. GET THE HARDWARE! will save you a ton of trouble and frustration.
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    Kit 92030-05Y instructions

    This has diagrams for the early style of H&B luggage.

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